Electing the Next NARFE President


The 2018 NARFE election did not return
a majority vote for president, but the members did vote to suspend the rules and use preferential voting.  The following documents explain what happens next.


What Happens Next - Electing the Next NARFE President


Rules for Supplemental Election



August 26th - 28th
Hyatt Regency Jacksonville Riverfront, 225 E. Coastline Dr., Jacksonville, Florida 32202, USA

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Who Should Attend

  • All Feds who want to maximize the value of their benefits and annuity and avoid post-retirement financial pitfalls
  • All Feds, spouses and survivors who want to safeguard their financial future
  • Federal HR and benefits specialists who want to advance their expertise to better serve their colleagues
  • Any Fed anxious about legislation and policies that will derail their retirement
  • NARFE leaders engaged in chapter development and governance

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Crowne Plaza Hotel in San Diego, CA
April 24 - 25, 2019




Your Legislative Voice

In-house, influential lobbyists advocate on Capitol Hill on behalf of the federal community

Legislative Action

 Legislative alerts on issues that impact the federal community, NARFE's online Legislative Action Center gives you easy access to your member of Congress

Your Information Resources

Access to a team of federal benefits specialists for answers to complex benefits questions. Free access to webinars and online resources to help you make the most of your federal benefits

Membership Perks

 Member-only discounts on many products and services that you use regularly. NARFE members also are eligible for disaster relief grants, and family members may qualify to compete for college scholarship

About Us

The Federation unites all regularly chartered chapters of NARFE in California into a State-wide organization for the mutual benefit of all members. We coordinate the activities of the member chapters in safe guarding and improving the interests and welfare of all persons eligible to be members of NARFE. We support and assist the National Association in all its authorized projects. We promote and actively participate in the retention of current members and recruitment of new National and chapter members. We encourage and assist in the formation of new chapters.