NARFE-PAC protects NARFE members' pay and benefits by raising and spending money to elect members of Congress who support the federal community.

NARFE-PAC contributions also helps build strong relationships with lawmakers, a key component to winning legislative fights.

During the 2015-2016 election cycle, 27,315 NARFE members contributed $1,454,464 to NARFE-PAC.


  • The average contributor gave $53.
  • NARFE-PAC gave a total of $817,000 for political purposes.
  • $677,000 to 216 Congressional candidates, of which 192 won, 17 lost, one retired, one died, two decided to run for another office and one quit.
  • So over 90% recipients of NARFE-PAC won – not bad.

Make an investment in protecting your earned benefits by supporting NARFE-PAC today!

Contribute with your credit card to be a monthly sustainer of NARFE-PAC!

For the California Federation, the procedure for disbursing NARFE-PAC funds

  • begins when NARFE Headquarters receives requests from Congressional offices
  • requests are forwarded to each pertinent Federation PAC Coordinator
  • coordinator, then, sends the request to the DVP servicing the Congressional District area, who, in turn, sends to the chapter(s) involved for approval
  • Chapters advise the DVP of their decision; the DVP advises the Federation PAC Coordinator, who in turn advises HQ of the decision.